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    What is a Travel Wallet?

    A travel wallet is a wallet which is specifically designed to accommodate the documentation required for travelling, as well as also providing secure space for cards and currency. It will have the capacity to contain one or more passports and consequently it is larger than a conventional wallet. The travel wallet allows the user easy access to key documents at points of departure and arrival. In order to facilitate organizing its contents, the travel wallet will often contain multiple sleeves and compartments. Once the journey is completed, the travel wallet will usually be stored in a safe place and the cards and currency transferred to a smaller, conventional wallet. A travel wallet should have secure fastening and is sometimes lined with RFiD blocking to prevent electronic skimming of personal details from the chips on cards and passports. Travel wallets are produced in a range of materials but because of the importance and value of their contents it is wise to purchase one made from a durable material such as leather.

    Travel Wallet

    What to Put in a Travel Wallet

    A travel wallet should only contain those items which will be required during the journey. Unlike an everyday wallet, which might contain articles of a sentimental or nostalgic nature, the travel wallet should enable its user to store important documents securely and access them swiftly. Knowing that everything that will be needed is securely in one place eliminates the stress of searching through pockets and bags for a missing document. Passports should fit easily in a travel wallet as well as other documents such as visas, boarding passes, booking confirmation and travel insurance. The travel wallet should also have space to contain credit cards, currency, driving licence and emergency contact details. Although much travel data is now stored on phones it is a sensible precaution to have a paper back-up and despite the arrival of the digital age there are still times when it is useful to have a pen. You may choose to keep your phone separately for security reasons but if you use it to store your boarding pass you may wish to keep it in your travel wallet so that everything you need is in one place.

    Where to Buy a Travel Wallet

    The variety of travel wallets on the market is enormous, ranging from inexpensive nylon wallets to designer brands in full grain leather. You can find travel wallets in most department stores or specialist leather goods outlets but of course the widest choice will be found on the internet. You can see our own Travel Wallet in full grain leather here. 

    Travel Wallet vs Money Belt

    A money belt serves the same purpose as a travel wallet, but it is worn around the waist, often beneath clothing, for additional security. A money belt leaves the wearer hands free but accessing its contents is much more difficult than with a travel wallet and draws unwanted attention to the money belt itself. Although it feels secure, a single cut may be sufficient to release the belt, depending on the material from which it is constructed. On long journeys, such as a lengthy bus ride, a money belt does offer a good level of security but in warm climates prolonged wearing is likely to prove uncomfortable.

    Travel Money

    Travel Wallet vs Passport Sleeve

    A passport sleeve is designed to protect a passport from the wear and tear it is likely to incur by being removed from and returned to a pocket or bag, hurriedly and repeatedly. Most passport controls will ask you to remove the passport from its sleeve prior to passing over the passport, thus, when you have your hands full with luggage, the sleeve is actually rather more of a hinderance than a help. The travel wallet protects your passport and makes it easy to produce when required.

    Travel Wallet vs Regular Wallet

    Conventional Wallet

    As people now carry far fewer coins and notes than in the past, contemporary wallets have become slimmer and more minimal in design and are therefore unsuitable to contain travel documents and passports. Once the traveller has arrived at their destination though, it is likely that they will wish to transfer day to day currency and a credit card to a conventional wallet.

    Personalized Travel Wallet

    Some travel wallet producers offer the option of personalizing the wallet with a set of initials. Apart the pleasure it may give you to own a wallet with your initials on, this is also a very practical measure. In a crowded situation it enables you to identify your possession immediately and it also pre-empts any possible dispute over ownership. You can personalize your MAHI Travel Wallet with up to 4 characters in a choice of 3 thread colours. 

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