Passport Covers: All you need to know

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    Leather Passport Covers

    Why Use a Passport Cover?

    You have a cover for your phone, you have a cover for your tablet, why would you choose to leave your most important travel document unprotected? A minor tear or water damage to your passport could well prevent you from gaining access to a country. A passport cover protects a potentially fragile document from wear and tear and from damage by spilled liquids or rain. A passport cover personalizes a uniform item, it makes your passport easy to identify and it adds a touch of style. The interior of a passport cover also allows you to keep all the travel documents you will need, such as boarding passes, together in one place. A naked passport, stuffed into a jeans’ pocket presents an easy target for thieves, using a passport cover has the psychological effect of making you more careful about where you keep this important possession.


    What Material is a Passport Cover Made From?

    Passport covers are available in a range of materials. The cheapest form of cover, which offers protection from water but does not disguise the contents, is a clear vinyl cover, usually sold in multiple packs. There are also a range of vegan friendly fabric covers and faux leather covers, however, the most durable and stylish option is a full grain leather cover which offers the best protection for your passport. Many passport covers also contain RFID blocking material, which ensures that the personal details contained in the chip in your passport cannot be scanned and stolen.

    Customised Passport Cover with Initials

    It makes good sense to customise your passport cover with a set of initials. This not only aids swift identification in a situation where your passport has been gathered together with others but also prevents anyone with a similar passport cover snatching up yours by mistake. Apart from the practical advantages, it’s also a stylish touch and a thoughtful addition if you are giving the cover as a gift.

    Passport Covers for Wedding Favours

    If you’re looking for an inexpensive, stylish, unisex wedding favour, passport covers are an excellent choice. You’ve only to look at an airport queue to see that most people don’t have one and if they do, it’s always nice to have another. Make your special day memorable for them by adding their initials or putting a personal message on the interior.

    Illustration of a MAHI Leather passport cover


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