How to Style a Cowhide Rug

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    Are Cowhide Rugs in Style?

    Fashions come, and fashions go but some things are never out of style: a leather armchair, a leather bag, a cowhide rug. The problem some people have with a cowhide rug is that it doesn’t disguise what it is. When you wear a pair of leather shoes, no one looks at you and thinks ‘that person is wearing cowhide’, but when someone enters your home and sees a cowhide rug they are confronted by the reality that leather comes from animals. If you are vegan and believe that we should not use any animal products then clearly you will find a cowhide rug repulsive, but if you own anything made from leather then you shouldn’t have any problems with a cowhide rug. The hides from dairy cows need to be used in some way, otherwise we would have a catastrophic environmental problem. Cowhide rugs are unique, beautiful and can last for generations, they have integrity. You know exactly what you are looking at and in a world of simulacra, that is refreshing.


    Choosing a Pattern and Style


    Metallic Cowhide Rugs

    There are hundreds of contemporary designs in which cowhide rugs have been dyed to create a metallic finish with gold or silver flecks, either to enhance the natural cowhide pattern or as a finish to a dyed animal print, such as zebra. A cowhide rug is always going to be a statement piece, but a metallic rug is a real eye catcher that transforms a traditional floor covering into a startling contemporary element which fits beautifully with a minimalist Scandi look or industrial home décor.

    Patchwork Cowhide Rugs

    Patchwork cowhide rugs are constructed from discarded hide offcuts, so they get full marks for environmentally friendly re-cycling. They allow designers completely free rein in terms of size, shape and patterning and the result is a range of cowhide rugs which are dazzling art pieces.

    Traditional Cowhide Rugs

    A traditional cow hide rug, either in black and white or brown and white is a uniquely beautiful object. This is not human design, it is a completely natural object, preserved for you to use and enjoy.


    Where to Put Your Cowhide Rug

    How to hang a cowhide rug on the wall

    Whatever style of cowhide rug you choose it will be eye catching, so why not luxuriate in it and hang it on the wall. Before you do though, just think it through a little. Do you have a wall big enough? Hanging a cowhide rug will close a room in so be sure that you’ve a big enough space to take it. Is your wall up to it? A cowhide rug is a heavy object, if your wall has old, soft plaster it’s probably not a good idea. Do not try this on your own. You’ll certainly need another pair of hands and probably a third set would be quite handy as well. Lay the rug on the floor in front of the wall and that will enable you to position it and centre it. You’re going to need to use either small nails or robust staples but obviously, whatever you use, you want it to be as unobtrusive as possible. Begin by fixing the rug at a top central point, you may want to use a more substantial nail for this, you can always remove it later when you’ve got the rest of the rug secured. Then work around the perimeter, ensuring that you’re not getting any rucks or creases; this is why you need those other pairs of hands. Always nail or staple as close to the border as possible so that the ends won’t curl. How closely you space the nails or staples depends on the size of your rug, but your objective is to get a flat, secure mounting without strain on any one point.

    Cowhide rug on a wooden floor

    A cowhide rug looks great on a wooden floor. The two natural materials complement one another, and the rug provides an attractive focal point. A large rug will be heavy enough to sit securely on its own, but a smaller rug may need taping underneath to prevent slippage.

    Cowhide rug in the dining room.

    Cowhide rugs look great on top of another floor covering, either a natural fibre rug, like sisal or jute or a plain carpet. Used in the dining room the organic shape of a rug can soften the room’s angularity and create a connection between separate seating areas.

    Cowhide rug in the bedroom

    The soft, thick sensual feel of a cowhide rug make it a sumptuous addition to a bedroom. Cosy and comforting and a delight for your bare feet every morning. 

    Cowhide rug under the dining table

    The toughness of a cowhide rug means that you can stand a heavy table on it without fear that you’ll wear a hole, in fact it’s an excellent way to protect your carpet and create an eye-catching splash of pattern in the room. It’ll keep your carpet clean and is easy to maintain with a little light vacuuming.

    Cowhide rug in the living room

    A cowhide rug in front of an open fire is an almost irresistible invitation to sprawl, if the family dog hasn’t beaten you to it. Placed between two chairs or in front of a sofa its irregular shape can serve as a focal point to a room with neutral colours or as a complement to a colourful and highly patterned room.

    Cowhide rug in the office

    Hard wearing and eye catching, a cowhide rug is a sure-fire way to take the stuffiness out of an angular office environment.

    Cowhide rug in the entryway/foyer

    A cowhide rug won’t show wear like a carpet so it’s a vibrant, hardwearing choice for an area with lots of traffic.

    Cowhide rug in the nursery

    Hypoallergenic, soft and warm it’s a perfect natural floor covering for a baby or small child. Your child won’t be absorbing chemicals or inhaling nylon fibres and no matter how much they drive those toy cars they won’t damage it.

    Cowhide rug in the kitchen

    A splash of style and a hard-wearing, easy clean floor covering that will transform your kitchen into something much more interesting.

    Cowhide rug in the bathroom

    Surprising and stylish, if your bathroom is big enough a cowhide rug is a luxurious addition. You don’t want to drench your rug but the natural oils in a cowhide rug mean that it will cope well with splashes and it’s a real treat for those shower fresh feet. 

    Cowhide rug under the piano

    A piano will put a serious and usually permanent dent into most floor coverings, but a cowhide rug not only looks great but will also take the weight with impunity. Beachboy, Brian Wilson had a sandbox fitted beneath his piano so that he could wiggle his toes in the sand; wouldn’t it be nice to wiggle your toes in a cowhide rug.



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