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Classic Artists Roll

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Classic Artists RollClassic Artists Roll
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Classic Artists Roll

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Common Questions About Leather Artist Rolls


Why buy a leather artist roll?

An artist roll is the most convenient and compact way of storing paintbrushes, pencils, pens and tubes of paint. Quality artist’s equipment is expensive and it makes sense to transport it or store it in a way that ensures that delicate brushes and pencils are not damaged. Leather is the traditional material for an artist roll because it is supple, strong and durable. 


Do leather rolls protect artists’ equipment well?

Full-grain leather will last a lifetime; it will not crack or split with repeated rolling. It is a supple material but strong enough to withstand years of use. A leather artist roll provides delicate equipment with the best protection in a convenient and compact way, which is why artists down the centuries have used a leather artist roll.


Can you store artists’ equipment in a roll permanently?

Artists’ brushes should always be cleaned and dried after use before they are stored in an artist roll. Brushes, pens and pencils can then be kept safely in a leather artist roll indefinitely. Leather is a natural, organic material, which ‘breathes’, making it especially appropriate for keeping your brushes in good condition.


How are our products made?

The MAHI Leather Artist Roll features a full-grain leather exterior in brown or black and a raw suede interior with 20 small pockets and 2 medium-sized pockets; the roll is secured by a leather tie.


Every MAHI is handmade to order in our family-run workshop in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India, a region famous for its leather tanneries and finishing expertise.  The skills used to make our products have been honed over generations.


MAHI hides are a by-product of local meat and dairy farming. Rural families typically raise 2-3 cows for milk production and farm work. At the end of their 20-year lifespan, their hides are sold to provide money for the purchase of new cows.


All MAHI hides are tanned using vegetable tanning, a process which takes much longer and is more expensive than conventional chrome tanning but which causes much less damage to the environment and conforms to strict pollution regulations.


The hides are cut by hand in order to minimize waste and all offcuts are recycled. Letters, numbers or a logo, are embroidered prior to stitching. MAHI is one of the few leather companies, globally, that is able to customise its products with any image, font face or thread colour. 


Traditional Style

An artist roll is the traditional way by which artists have stored their equipment. A leather artist roll makes a perfect gift for an artist, illustrator or cartoonist. Choose from ebony black or our flagship vintage brown leather and personalize your artist roll with embroidered initials in black, grey, white or brown thread for the perfect finishing touch.


Storing and Protecting Your Equipment

Whether you use a leather roll for artists as a paintbrush holder or pencil case, you can be sure that it will provide years of service After splashing out on the best pens, pencils and paintbrushes, you want to be sure they are stored safely. Not only is a leather artist roll a traditional and stylish way to store your brushes and pencils, rolling them up helps to protect pencils from breaking and brush ends from getting damaged.


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