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    Whether you travel regularly, either for work or pleasure, or you only get away every so often, you’ll still require a reliable and spacious bag for your essentials. At MAHI, we design and craft a wide range of leather totes which are ideal for travel. Not only are they strong and durable, but they look good too, and can be customised to suit your style tastes.

    Size Matters

    When choosing a bag for travel, size absolutely does matter, especially if you’re flying. If it’s too big, you won’t be able to take it on the plane as carry-on luggage, which means you’ll have to check it into the hold. Not only can this be expensive, but it also means your new bag will be thrown around with the other luggage, causing it to become damaged. The good news is, MAHI totes are perfectly sized, making them ideal to use as carry-on bags but spacious enough to accommodate everything you need for your trip. The Classic tote is the ideal choice if you want as much space as possible.

    Durable and Hardwearing      

    MAHI tote bags are made using either buffalo leather or full grain leather, making them extremely hardwearing. With full grain leather, the hide has not been sanded, snuffed or buffed to remove imperfections on its surface. The grain remains, giving the fibre immense strength and durability. This is important for travel bags which need to resist wear and tear, as well as the effects of the elements. 

    Keeping Your Possessions Safe and Secure

    MAHI leather totes feature robust brass fittings and YKK zippers, keeping possessions safe and secure during transit. Many totes, including the Florence tote, have full zip fastenings to the main compartments, as well as internal zip pockets for valuables like passports and mobile phones. A MAHI travel tote is built with security in mind, making it perfect for travel. 

    A Stylish Travel Companion

    MAHI made to order leather totes are available in various styles and colours and you can personalize your tote with up to four embroidered characters of your choice so that there’s no chance of a mistake when you are reaching up to that overhead locker.


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