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    No bag gets more punishment than a school bag, so unless you want a new bag with each new term, think leather. MAHI offer a wide range of leather backpacks, satchels and totes perfect for students of all ages. Designed in London and handmade in India, MAHI bags use only the highest quality full grain leather, study brass fittings and YKK zips. These are bags built to last. All bags come with a complimentary dust cover and a thirty-day money back guarantee. And for a little extra your bag can be personalized with up to four embroidered characters, so there’ll never be any cloakroom confusion.

    Leather Backpacks 

    MAHI leather backpacks are a great choice for book bags. Not only are they strong and robust, thanks to the full grain cow hide used to make them, but they’re also easy to carry. Extendable backstraps allow weight to be distributed evenly across the shoulders, which is very important when you’re carrying heavy books around with you every day. Carrying books in an inappropriate way can cause muscular strain and in some cases, long term damage. One of our most popular backpacks for school is our classic leather backpack. Constructed from 100% full grain leather and with a soft 100% cotton lining interior, it provides protection for laptop or tablet and complete carrying comfort.



    Leather Totes

    In its basic form the tote is just a big bag with two handles. MAHI have taken this simple formula and crafted a range of bags which are stylish and serviceable. The Classic Tote is a bag big enough to take a fifteen-inch laptop and a notepad or double up as a sleepover bag. The Dixie Boho features a cross-over body strap for carrying comfort and the Classic Bucket Bag is super spacious and super stylish. MAHI totes are available in a range of colours and styles.


    Leather Satchels

    ‘the whining schoolboy, with his satchel

    And shining morning face…’

    So wrote Shakespeare over four hundred years ago, but in fact satchels have been used to carry books for much longer than that. Monks were using them to carry religious texts as long ago as 300 AD and since then they have become synonymous with school and study. MAHI offer a range of nine satchel designs, available in a variety of colours and all eminently practical as school bags or stylish document bags. The satchel shape accommodates books comfortably and the MAHI Classic Satchel is big enough to hold a fifteen-inch laptop and several books. Strong, adjustable straps and sturdy fittings and zips ensure that these satchels can securely carry the weight they can contain.


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