Personalized Leather Backpacks (Monogrammed Embroidery)

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    If you are thinking about buying a MAHI Leather backpack, then why not consider taking advantage of our monogramming service? Our skilled team can monogram the bag, with up to four characters, according to your specifications. Our most popular personalization option is embroidered initials on the exterior. This is available in three different thread colours for each colour leather. As our backpacks and all our leather products are made to order, lettering can be stitched before manufacturing, resulting in a superior finish which does not compromise the quality of the leather.

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    The Monogram in History 

    Using initials to represent identity is an idea that’s been around almost as long as language. Ancient clay coins bear the monograms of long dead kings and for much of history it was a mark of wealth and power to own monogrammed possessions. Since the eighteenth century, when the three-initial monogram began to gain popularity, monograms became a way of personalizing possessions for ordinary people. A simple handkerchief or napkin could be transformed into a special personal object by the addition of an embroidered monogram. In the world of commerce, it was a short step from the monogram to the logo, an instantly recognisable shorthand form of marking identity. The monogram does, however also serve an important practical purpose: it removes any possibility of confusion about whom an object belongs to. Having your backpack monogrammed not only personalizes your possession, it also makes identifying your backpack in an overhead locker, or gym changing room, that much easier. 

    The Perfect Gift

    Monogrammed leather rucksacks make an excellent gift. They show the recipient that you’ve put thought into their gift and they make a MAHI backpack unique. MAHI leather backpacks are made using high grade full grain leather, sturdy brass fittings and YKK zips, the monogramming is in keeping with the high quality of the bag, the colours are vibrant and the embroidery robust.


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