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    Are you in the middle of a hand luggage nightmare? It can sometimes be a bit of a pain trying to find hand luggage that meets the dimension requirements of your chosen airline which is also practical and stylish for you. We have a whole selection of bags which meet the requirements so you can choose one to suit your needs. Remember that different airlines have varying requirements so it’s always best to check these before you leave: SkyScanner

    Below we've listed some our favourite holdalls and bags suitable for hand luggage:  

    THE CLASSIC HOLDALL (Dimensions: L50cm x H38cm x W14cm)

    The classic holdall is a stylish and practical hand luggage option for anyone travelling on business. Available in mahogany, camel, crocodile print and black, as well as the flagship vintage brown, this timeless luggage piece has four brass studs on the base and an integrated luggage tag.

    THE CORTES (Dimensions: L47cm x H42cm x W25cm)

    Cortes holdall for hand luggage

    The deep design of The Cortes provides a spacious solution for when you need to get into a tight spot. However, it's deep dimensions do mean it doesn't meet the dimension requirements for all the airlines, including Air France and Emirates. So if you're planning on filling to full capacity, be sure to check individual airline requirements. If you've got room however, the suppleness of this bag means that the dimensions are not rigid, like with a plastic suitcase, so in most cases this bag will be able to squeeze into the right size dimensions. 

    THE CLASSIC BACKPACK (Dimensions: W28cm x H44cm x D14cm) 

    If you’re in for a long flight perhaps with stopovers, the classic backpack meets the dimension requirements for all airlines and is a great choice for hand luggage as you can carry it through the airport easily on your back. It has two internal compartments for separating your things and is perfect to use as a day bag when you get to your destination! The classic backpack is a great casual option for anyone heading off on holiday. Available in a range of colours

    THE ROMA (Dimensions: L31cm x H40cm x W11cm)

    Roma Backpack in Black Leather

    This slim line backpack not only looks the part, but it's practical too, with room for a 13" laptop and more. The Roma is perfect for anyone who likes to travel light and keep only the essentials on them in person. It's casual style also means it can double up as your day bag when you reach your destination, unlike some of the larger weekenders which would be too large. Also available in vintage brown leather

    THE YALE CLIP-UP (Dimensions: L41cm x H30cm x W9cm)

    If you’re jetting off on a business trip then this is the bag for you. The Yale Clip-Up has 15”inch laptop capacity and sturdy, extendable straps, making it extremely practical for on the go professionals. 

    THE HARVARD (Dimensions: L41cm x H30cm x W12cm)

    The Harvard Satchel

    The Harvard is a more casual option for the on the go professional or anyone looking for hand luggage with a 15" laptop capacity as well as space for books, files and other personal items. This stylish satchel features two internal pockets and one external pocket and can be carried via the top handle or slung over your shoulder. Also available in black and buff tan

    THE MESSENGER (Dimensions: L37cm x H28cm x W8cm)

    Messenger Satchel

    Our classic Messenger bag is very compact yet has room for plenty of essentials. It's slimmer than the Harvard but can also fit a 15” inch laptop so it's a great option if you’re going to be on a busy flight with not much room for baggage. The shoulder strap on the Messenger is slightly thinner than the other satchel options so if you're planning on doing a lot of walking around, you may want to consider one of the others for extra comfort. Our classic Messenger is also available in black leather, buff tan and also our new navy blue leather.

    THE CLASSIC SATCHEL (Dimensions: L41cm x H30cm x W12cm)

    Classic Satchel

    The Classic Satchel is of a similar style to the Messenger but features weaved leather detail on the front of the bag. The main compartment is kept secure with a zip and brass buckles which is a great feature for busy airports. Also available in vintage brown leather. 

    THE OXFORD ZIP-UP (Dimensions: L40cm x H32cm x W10cm)

    This is the ultimate holdall for working on the go. It has four internal compartments plus one internal zip pocket so you can keep all your documents and books organized. The Oxford Zip-Up is great for travelling professionals and meets the requirements for hand luggage on all airlines. Also available in vintage brown, buff tan and light blue suede


    THE EXPLORER (Dimensions: L31cm x H40cm x W11cm)

    The Explorer Backpack

    The Explorer Backpack is a stylish alternative to a handbag and will keep all your possessions safe with a buckle fastening on the front. This compact backpack is lightweight and will fit easily into overhead storage during your flight. Also available in black

    THE DRAKE (Dimensions: L47cm x H32cm x D25cm)

    If you’re thinking of spending a little more on a bag for your trip then The Drake is a a great option. This large weekend bag doesn’t meet the requirements for all airlines but is acceptable on most and is one of the biggest on this list. So if you’re planning a short break, you might be able to fit everything you need into this bag. It also has an internal pocket to keep valuables safe. Now available in a stylish two-tone leather

    THE CLASSIC BUFFALO TOTE (Dimensions: L48cm X H32cm X W12cm)

    For women who prefer to travel light, but still want plenty of room, you can't go wrong with our classic tote. With a 15" laptop capacity, this casual handbag is roomy enough to fit flight essentials like books, magazines and electronics. It can also double up as your day bag when you reach your final destination. 

    THE COMPACT LAPTOP SATCHEL (Dimensions: L38cm x H27cm x W6cm)

    The Compact Laptop Satchel is the perfect middle ground between a laptop case, which is often too small to fit anything else in, and a large satchel bag which is bigger than you need. It’s important to note that this bag only has room for a 13” inch laptop so take a look at the Yale Clip-Up or The Messenger if you’re looking for something bigger.

    THE CORNELL (Dimensions: L44cm x H33m x W8cm)

    Named after the prestigious American University, The Cornell is a stylish mixture of a holdall and a satchel which has enough room for a 15” inch laptop as well as books and other flight essentials making it ideal if you’re planning on doing some work during your flight.

    THE DIXIE BOHO (Dimensions:  L29cm x H30cm x Width 10cm)

    This cross body bag is very practical for carrying through the airport as you have your hands and arms free to do other things. Although one of the most stylish, it is not as big as some of the other bags on this list so not the best option if you’re going on a long flight and know you need to bring a lot of things with you. This is very much a compact option

    THE HARVARD MINI (Dimensions: L28cm x H22cm x W8cm)

    Harvard Mini

    This smaller version of the popular Harvard Satchel, is a more feminine design also featuring contrasting cream stitching. Similar to the Dixie Boho Tote, this bag is recommended for anyone looking to travel light with just their personal essentials.


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