The Classic Backpack 3.0 (Vegan)The Classic Backpack 3.0 (Vegan)
On sale

The Classic Backpack 3.0 (Vegan)

$151.00 USD $190.00 USD
The Oxford Zip-up (Vegan)The Oxford Zip-up (Vegan)
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The Oxford Zip-up (Vegan)

$142.50 USD $178.50 USD
The Oslo Macbook Sleeve (Vegan)The Oslo Macbook Sleeve (Vegan)
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The Oslo Macbook Sleeve (Vegan)

$72.50 USD $85.50 USD
The City Backpack (Vegan)The City Backpack (Vegan)
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The City Backpack (Vegan)

$151.00 USD $190.00 USD
The Classic Wash Bag (Vegan)The Classic Wash Bag (Vegan)
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The Classic Wash Bag (Vegan)

$73.50 USD $86.50 USD
The Classic Backpack (Vegan)The Classic Backpack (Vegan)
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The Classic Backpack (Vegan)

$143.50 USD $179.50 USD
The Classic Duffle (Vegan)The Classic Duffle (Vegan)
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The Classic Duffle (Vegan)

$161.00 USD $202.00 USD
Classic Leather Apron (Vegan)Classic Leather Apron (Vegan)
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Classic Leather Apron (Vegan)

$130.50 USD $161.00 USD
The Armada Duffle (Vegan)The Armada Duffle (Vegan)
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The Armada Duffle (Vegan)

$182.50 USD $231.50 USD
The Classic Purse (Vegan)The Classic Purse (Vegan)
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The Classic Purse (Vegan)

$82.50 USD $98.50 USD
The Stockholm Macbook Sleeve (Vegan)The Stockholm Macbook Sleeve (Vegan)
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The Stockholm Macbook Sleeve (Vegan)

$72.50 USD $85.50 USD
The Compact Laptop Satchel (Vegan)The Compact Laptop Satchel (Vegan)
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The Compact Laptop Satchel (Vegan)

$138.50 USD $172.50 USD
The Messenger (Vegan)The Messenger (Vegan)
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The Messenger (Vegan)

$141.50 USD $176.50 USD

It’s hard to find a vegan leather bag that doesn’t contain some form of plastic. However, there are new strides being made in sustainable vegan leather production including, most notably, leather made from cork. Other materials used to make vegan leather include pineapple leaves or other fruit waste.

Cork leather is the most environmentally friendly vegan leather on the market. The leather is made from the bark of Cork Oaks, a tree that is native to the Mediterranean. Harvesting the cork from the trees helps stimulate regeneration which extends the life of the tree. The cork is then dried for 6 months, boiled then pressed into sheets bonded by suberin (an adhesive that naturally occurs in the cork) before a fabric backing is added.

Cork is water and flame resistant as well as being hypoallergenic. It has a smooth and shiny appearance and, not dissimilarly to leather, only gets better with age. Cork leather is also lighter than real leather while still being strong and durable. This means that travel bags and backpacks are far more lightweight to carry around while still being strong enough to hold your belongings. 

MAHI are proud to introduce our new vegan cork leather in our classic backpack and duffle bag designs.

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