Why Leather for a 3rd Wedding Anniversary?

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    We’re all familiar with the more common anniversary traditions such as silver for 25 years, gold for 50 years and diamonds for the 60th wedding anniversary. But there are special traditional gifts for other anniversaries too. 

    Your third wedding anniversary is said to symbolise the end of your honeymoon period. True, you may have discovered some less-than-ideal personality traits about each other, but as you’re both still together, it’s likely that your marriage will last forever. In fact, by your third year of marriage, a couple should be so close, and so in tune with each other, that they feel they come from the same skin.


    Personalized wash bag - just request internal embroidery at the checkout.

    Which is exactly why leather has become a customary third anniversary gift. Leather is a material that is durable, strong, flexible, resilient and, if treated correctly, will stay beautiful forever. Giving the gift of a leather suitcase, bag or even a wallet, is the perfect opportunity for a couple to symbolise their desire to continue their journey together.  Indeed, the gift of a beautiful piece of leather luggage for your third anniversary could be the perfect excuse for you both to go on a second honeymoon.


    For her and for him, our personalized Classic Backpack, Classic Bucket Bag & English Saddle Harvard Satchel. 

    If you’re thinking about a beautiful leather gift for your husband or wife, why not go that extra step and get that gift personalized? This would truly be an unforgettable present. With MAHI, every leather item is made to order. This makes personalizing a gift incredibly easy and will only add one day onto your order.


    Leather Gift Ideas For Him & Her

    Why not give a leather bag, such as a gorgeous satchel, with your partner’s initials on the outside? Choosing from white, black, grey, brown or cream embroidery; personalized initials are impeccably stitched in a font that compliments the timeless style of MAHI designs. Since everything is made to order, your chosen initials will be stitched onto the leather before manufacturing; ensuring the leather won't be compromised, nor the finish ruined.

    Mr & Mrs Embroidery

    Personalized 'Mr.' and 'Mrs.' bags, our Drake Holdall in Black & Armada Duffle.

    Or, instead of initials, what about a secret personal message hidden inside your chosen bag or washbag? Whether it’s your anniversary date, lyrics from your first dance, the coordinates of your home or even an inside-joke; your partner will adore the sentiment. You can even add little red embroidered hearts to your message. Just think, every time your partner opens their bag, they will think of you. It can even act as an anniversary reminder for forgetful husbands! For brown leather bags, we use black embroidery thread on khaki cotton lining. And for black leather bags, white embroidery thread on black cotton lining.

    There are gorgeous options for both men and women available. Whether it be backpacks, gym holdalls, washbags or even iPad sleeves. All of these can be personalized for your loved one, and even arrives with a complimentary dust cover so that they can protect your gift for years to come.

    Leather Anniversary Gifts On A Budget 

    If you're unable to purchase the leather gift of your dreams, don't threat. As with any sentimental gift, it's the thought and time that makes the difference.Leather offcuts can be bought relatively cheaply on eBay and cut into shapes or letters (e.g. your partner's initials). We'd recommend getting in touch with the vendor and requesting a light shaded leather (i.e. nubuck or suede), this will respond better to felt pen than other types (e.g. full-grain leather). Choose a gold metallic coloured pen for extra impact!

    Other budget leather items: Luggage tags, key rings, tied leather shoe lace (check out the love knot), bracelets, a leather card (using the scrap method above), a bookmark, picture frames, cufflinks.

    Alternative 3rd Anniversary Gifts

    If leather really isn't your thing, then you might consider crystal or cut glass - moonstone is the recommended gemstone for your third anniversary. If flowers are your thing, then sunflowers are the traditional third anniversary flowers.

    For Her - Blue Smoke Suede Jacket & Buffalo Tote in Tan.

    Why Do We Buy Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

    Celebrating major wedding anniversaries dates back to the Roman Empire; although recognising the intervening years only really came about in the 1930s - largely for commercial reasons.

    Personalized Classic Washbag in Vintage Mahogany. 

    Research has shown that recognising and celebrating the importance of anniversaries can help strengthen a relationship - helping you and your partner remember why you fell in love in the first place and keeping 'complacency' at the door. 

    Buying a gift relevant to your anniversary helps cement the annual ritual, teaching and reminding us the significance of the years spent together. 

    Customary Gifts For Other Anniversaries 

    What are you buying your loved one for his or her next anniversary? We'd love to hear your ideas!


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