Leather Aprons for Welding

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    DISCLAIMER: This article is prepared for informational purposes only and is prepared to the best of our knowledge. Welding is extremely dangerous and should only be carried out by experienced individuals.

    MAHI products are not approved safe wear and we make no warranties about their ability to protect an individual when welding.

    Welding is the process of joining materials (most commonly metals or thermoplastics) by using a high heat to melt parts together. This is a hazardous process, and protective measures are needed in order to avoid burns, electric shock, damage to vision, high UV radiation exposure, and the inhalation of harmful gases and fumes. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used to protect the welder from this. This equipment includes gloves to protect the hands and goggles or a helmet to protect the eyes and face.

    A part of this equipment is an apron to protect the torso and upper legs. Leather is a popular material for this due to its resistance and flexibility. 

    Custom Apron for Welding

    While the main function of a welding apron is to protect the wearer, it never hurts to customise a little. Adding a logo or adding and removing pockets where needed can improve the branding of your business and the functionality of the product.

    Personalized Welding Apron

    Welding, whether professionally or as a hobby requires protection over appearance but why not have both? Personalize your welding apron with initials or a short nickname so that everyone knows that it’s yours. It’ll also make it easier to identify you with all the protective gear on.

    Wholesale Leather Welding Aprons

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