Why a Leather Apron is Perfect for Hairdressers

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    Hairdressing is the occupation of someone who cuts, colours or styles hair, usually licensed as a hairdresser, barber or cosmetologist. The first record of the word ‘hairdresser’ dates back to the 17th century in Europe. In fact, if you look back through history, hair has always been a key feature in the fashion of an era and has been used to iconise historic figures such as Queen Elizabeth I, Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette.

    While then such hairstyles were limited to the wealthy, today everyone has access to hairdressing facilities. Many high streets have several hairdresser and barber shops and some professionals even work from their own homes or yours. Modern fashion has not excluded itself from the popularisation of iconic hairstyles. This has been evident through teen culture specifically through the 20th century, from 1960s ‘Beehives’ to brightly coloured rebellious punk Mohawks of the late 1970s. Hairstyle’s have often been used as a self-expression, much like fashion. Hairstyles are a huge part of popular culture and this is evident in the popularity of hairstyles such as ‘The Rachel’ from the nineties – this was the most requested look in salons when ‘Friends’ was at its most popular.

    Custom Hairdresser Apron

    Strong branding is a good way to boost your business’s professional appearance. A custom hairdresser apron with your salon logo on can also boast high quality to your customers and show that you’re doing well enough to splash out on something unique. By customising the aprons for all your stylists, you can achieve this.

    Black Hairstylist Apron

    Black is the most popular choice when it comes to a stylist’s apron. It’s not hard to see why it’s simple yet stylish and goes with basically everything. It also looks smart and professional and paired with the branding of your salon will make a really impressive, non-restrictive uniform for your stylists. MAHI offers the hairdressing apron in both Black and Brown.

    Personalized hairdressing apron

    If you are a mobile hairdresser or a student studying or training, you may not require a branded apron. However, you can still add a personal touch and impress by adding your initials or a short nickname to your apron. A personalized hairdressing apron is a great way to show off to your classmates and clients.

    Hairdressing apron with pockets

    Several tools are required for hairdressing, from scissors, clips and comb to colouring brushes and storage is necessary for this. A hairdressing apron with multiple tool loops and pockets for tools is perfect for keeping them handy and close by.

    Leather Barber Apron

    The barber shop has a strong place in the history of the hairdressing profession. Towards the end of the 19th century right up until the 1940s, the barber shop was not only a place for men to go and get a haircut, it was a place for socialisation and to catch up on news and current affairs. These traditional barber shops are coming back and growing as a trend today.

    Leather is an essential material for the traditional barber. The cutthroat razors these barbers use need regular sharpening, and this can be done with the use of a leather strop. These razors are still used today as they create a cleaner shave and less irritation than an electric razor.

    A leather apron is also stylish and fits well with a hipster or vintage themed barber shop.

    Custom Barber Apron

    Just like with the hairdressing apron, a custom barber apron with the shop logo on can enhance the theme of a vintage or hipster barber shop.

    Wholesale Hairdresser Aprons

    If you own a salon or shop where leather aprons are required for your stylists, you will likely need to bulk buy. Available to buy in bulk MAHI has the perfect hairdressing aprons for you. Take a look here.

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