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    Is Buffalo Leather good for belts?

    Buffalo Leather is 2-3 times thicker than cowhide, making it one of the strongest leathers you can buy. This makes it an ideal material for making belts, since they need to be both strong and durable. 

    Is Buffalo Leather good for sofas?

    Full grain Buffalo Leather is a popular choice for high quality sofas.  It is extremely hard wearing and resistant to tearing and it has a beautiful appearance which develops over time.

    Is Buffalo Leather good for jackets?

    Buffalo Leather is often used for motorcycle jackets because it is extremely strong and abrasion resistant.  It has a more pronounced pattern than cowhide but in other respects it has a similar feel.  A quality Buffalo Leather jacket will last a lifetime.

    Buffalo Leather for upholstery

    The strength and elasticity of Buffalo Leather makes it ideal for upholstery purposes and as a consequence it is widely used throughout the world for the manufacture of high-quality products.  It is resistant to flame, and its strong fibres repel dirt, making it anti-allergenic. It is also used for high end car upholstery by manufacturers such as BMW.

    Buffalo Leather saddles

    Cowhide is the most popular leather used in saddle making but Buffalo leather is an increasingly popular alternative, indeed it is sometimes referred to as English Saddle leather. Its textured surface provides particularly good grip and it is extremely durable and scratch resistant.

    Buffalo Leather for bags

    Buffalo leather is commonly used for bags due to its strength, thickness and durability. MAHI use Buffalo leather for their English Saddle leather bags, which include messenger satchels, totes, backpacks, holdalls and duffles. 

    Buffalo Leather Briefcase

    Briefcases work hard, they are often over-filled, and they have to endure sustained rough treatment on public transport and taxis.  A Buffalo leather briefcase is extremely strong, resistant to abrasion and will look even better after twenty years of use.

    Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag

    A cross body Messenger bag needs to be strong enough to take a lot of weight.  The beautiful tan English Saddle Leather Messenger bag from MAHI is big enough to take a fifteen-inch laptop and paperwork. The strength and thickness of Buffalo Leather make it the perfect choice for a bag capable of a lifetime of hard work.  Its beautiful natural patina just gets better and better with age.

    Buffalo Leather Duffle bag

    The duffle bag is a timeless classic and the MAHI Classic Duffle in English Saddle Leather is a beautiful example.  You can pack a lot in a duffle, which makes Buffalo leather the perfect choice.  Its natural strength and resistance to abrasion mean that the bag and its handles won’t let you down.  

    Buffalo Leather Handbags

    The rich tones of Buffalo Leather make it the perfect choice for beautiful, hard-wearing handbags.  The MAHI Tan Tote in English Saddle Leather is eye catching stylish simplicity with a rich tan finish and yet it’s tough enough and spacious enough to carry books and a laptop.

    Buffalo Leather Apron

    Leather aprons have been used for thousands of years and are now right on trend.  A leather apron needs to be tough enough to take anything that is thrown at it and the thickness and strength of Buffalo Leather make it a perfect choice in terms of style and durability.

    Buffalo Leather Shoes and Boots

    Buffalo leather is used for high end bespoke footwear.  Exceptionally strong, it is often used for stylish outdoor footwear rather than light fashion items.

    Buffalo Leather Wallet

    A wallet has to endure a lot of wear and tear and wallets made from inferior quality leather have a short lifespan.  Buffalo Leather wallets often come with a lifetime guarantee because the leather is so strong.  They also have a beautiful textured appearance which only improves with age.

    Buffalo Leather Gloves

    Buffalo Leather gloves are the toughest gloves money can buy and are the best gloves for working or outdoor activity.

    Buffalo Leather Backpack

    Straps are often the weak point of a backpack which is why a Buffalo Leather backpack is a smart choice.  The natural strength of this leather means that however much you cram into your backpack; the straps and body will be up to the job.  The Nomad Backpack from MAHI is a beautiful pocketed backpack in rich tan English Saddle Leather, comfortable, capacious and tough enough to last a lifetime.

    Buffalo Leather Vest

    The leather vest or waistcoat is a popular outdoor garment which usually features a range of pockets.  Buffalo leather vests are extremely durable, resist abrasion and are comfortable to wear.


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