Buffalo Leather: Care and Maintenance

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    Is Buffalo Leather Waterproof?

    Leather is a naturally porous material and the extent to which it can resist penetration by water will depend on how it has been treated with oils or waxes.  The thickness of Buffalo leather means that it will remain water resistant longer than most other leathers.

    How to Waterproof Buffalo Leather

    There are a variety of commercial waxes and sprays available with which you can waterproof Buffalo leather.  Beeswax is a traditional waterproofing treatment, as is Saddle Soap, though this is not suitable for furniture or car leather because it blocks the pores.

    Buffalo Leather Cleaner

    There are a variety of general-purpose leather cleaners on the market.  Leather Honey is currently the best-selling leather care product on Amazon. 

    How to Clean Buffalo Leather

    To remove surface dirt and grease, wipe your Buffalo leather article with a damp cloth or use a commercial leather cleaner.  Avoid products containing solvents or silicones.

    How to Clean a Buffalo Leather Sofa

    Prevent a build up of dirt on your sofa by wiping it each week with a clean cloth.  Remove dirt and dust from the crevices by using the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.  Once a month, clean your sofa with a damp cloth and cleaning solution, working from top to bottom.  Afterwards, dry your sofa with a clean towel and apply conditioner.

    How to Clean a Buffalo Leather Bag

    Regular light maintenance will ensure that there is not a build up of dirt on your bag.  Always handle your bag with clean hands and wipe the bag daily with a dry cloth.  For a more thorough clean, apply leather cleaner to a cloth, never directly onto the leather. Apply a single coat of cleaner, using a circular motion.  Dry the bag and apply a single coat of conditioner. 

    How to Clean Buffalo Leather Shoes

    Remove dirt with a soft damp cloth, dry and apply conditioner.  Do not apply conditioner to burnished leather.  Polish lightly to avoid unwanted staining.

    How to Soften Buffalo Leather

    Buffalo leather will soften through use, but you can speed up the process by the regular use of conditioner.  It is not advisable to use any other method which you may find on the internet, such as wetting or heating.

    How to Condition Buffalo Leather

    Use a reputable leather conditioner.  Apply the conditioner to a dry cloth, never directly onto the leather.  Work a single coat of conditioner into the leather with even circular strokes.

    How to Protect Buffalo Leather

    Keep your Buffalo leather out of direct sunlight in a dry place.  Always handle your Buffalo leather with clean hands.  Keep your Buffalo leather clean by regularly wiping with a dry cloth and apply conditioner twice a year.

    How to Darken Buffalo Leather

    You can darken Buffalo leather by applying an oil, such as Neatsfoot, a leather dye or a polish.  Whatever method you use, ensure that the leather is clean before you begin treatment and wipe off any excess after 24 hours.

    How to Dye Buffalo Leather

    Leather dyes are available either in a water based or oil-based form.  Oil based dyes last longer and are harder to remove.  Apply the dye with a sponge in a well-ventilated area.  Leave to dry for 24 hours and then apply a second coat if necessary. Condition the leather once you have achieved the shade you desire.

    IMPORTANT: Remember to always test any leather conditioner, cleaner or product on a small inconspicuous area of the buffalo leather first to ensure you're happy with the effect it may have on your product. 


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