Are Leather Backpacks Good for School?

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    When it comes to choosing a bag for school, there are several considerations we often fail to make: how strong is the material? Will this bag last? Does it look good? How heavy will it be with all of my school essentials in it? 

    Different styles of MAHI Backpacks

    Invest in Quality Material 

    Leather bags are often viewed as an investment, which is why so many students opt for this material when looking for a school bag they want to last, rather than buying several cheaper bags within the school year. At MAHI, we predominantly use buffalo leather and full grain leather, the latter of which is the strongest, most durable leather available, that being said, we also like to keep the prices down because we think everyone should be able to have a beautiful bag that will last a lifetime, not just the school term. 

    While we’ve established that leather backpacks are definitely practical, we also need to give credit to how stylish leather is – it’s a material that will never go out of style thanks to its timeless appearance that so many people love. Even if you think backpacks are fairly casual accessories, buying a leather one gives it a sophisticated appeal that is perfect for school, so there’s no need to compromise between style and practicality. 

    Find Your Style 

    Our Classic Backpack has a simple, unisex design and offers a great amount of space for your notepads, books, stationery, phone and even a 13” laptop, without looking too big and bulky on your back. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something with a little added flavour, you can check out our Explorer, Roma and Nomad rucksacks so you can add some extra flair to your outfit every day for school. The colour variations and natural markings and blemishes on the surface of full grain leather really add character to the bags and give it the beautiful vintage-style look.

    One point that a lot of people forget to think about is the weight of the bag and how heavy it will be once it’s packed and ready for the day. Because backpacks are to be carried across the back and both shoulders, the distribution of weight is much more even, which means carrying a backpack from class to class all day, most days, is not going to cause as much strain on your back and abdominal muscles in comparison to a tote bag which is carried over one shoulder. This means that you will feel much less pain in these areas, especially at the end of the day when you’re tired and just want to crawl into bed after a long day at school! (We all know the feeling!)

    Make Your Bag as Unique as You

    At MAHI, every bag is made to order and we also offer a personalization service so you can get your initials embroidered on to the bag for a small surcharge. Why not get your MAHI Leather backpack embroidered with your initials? This is a small touch that can make a big difference: monogramming is all the rage and is a trend that keeps coming back. It’s also a way of making your bag even more unique and just as original as you, which is something we highly believe in at MAHI.

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