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    What is Pony Hair Leather?

    Pony Hair leather, also known as Pony Fur, Haircalf, Calf-Hair or Hair-on-leather, is usually created from cow or goat hide. It is made from the hair side of the hide, whereas most leather is made from the non-hair side. The pelt is shaved so that it resembles the hide of a horse. It is then bleached white so that it can be dyed in different colours and patterns.

    What Does Pony Hair Leather Look Like?

    Pony Hair Leather can be made to resemble the hide of an animal such as a zebra or leopard or the dying process can be used to create an entirely abstract and original patterning.


    Where is Pony Hair Produced?

    Pony Hair Leather is a minority production of all major leather producers. The main leather producers in the world, in rank order, are: China, Brazil, Italy, Russia and India.

    What is Pony Hair Used For?

    Pony Hair is used in a wide variety of leather products. It is a particularly visually striking form of the material and consequently it is a favourite with designers who are looking for vibrant colour and texture. It is used in designer furniture and clothing, such as coats, but its main use is in high end fashion accessories such as shoes, bags and watch straps. It is the preferred material of Stuart Weitzaman, credited with making the most expensive shoes in the world, and it is used by Leona and Hanna Erziak for their world-famous bags.

    Who Uses Pony Hair Products?

    Women are by far the biggest buyers of Pony Hair Products. It’s likely to be one of the most prized possessions in a woman’s wardrobe, a bag or pair of shoes only brought out on special occasions. It’s popularity with high end labels, like Prada, means that it is often the choice of celebrities: Helen Mirren wore a pair of Gina Swarovski Pony Hair booties to the film premiere of ‘Trumbo’, whilst Gwen Stefani was snapped dropping off her child, wearing a pair of leopard print Pony Hair boots.

    Where Can I Buy Pony Hair Leather?

    Pony Hair is a popular choice with high end designer labels such as Jimmy Choo, Mark Jacobs and Prada. However, if you're looking for luxury at a much more affordable price then you should check out the excellent range of high quality Pony Leather bags available at MAHI Leather.

    Pony Hair in Black and White

    Is Pony Hair Made From Ponies?

    If the product you buy is described as being made from Pony Hair it will definitely not have been made using the hide of a pony. Pony Hair is a term exclusively used to describe a leather product made from cow or goat hide, which has been shaved to resemble horse hair. There are leather products made from the hide of horses, Angelina Jolie had a handbag made from real horse hair, but such an item would never be sold as a Pony Hair product.

    Is Pony Hair Cruel?

    The answer to this question partly depends on your moral point of view. A committed vegan would regard the use of all animal products as cruel, however, if you use any animal products at all, and there are only a very small percentage of the world’s population who don’t, then you shouldn’t have to wrestle with your conscience over the purchase of a Pony Hair item. Leather is a by-product of the meat industry, without leather production there would be catastrophic environment pollution as a result of the disposal of vast quantities of animal hide. Synthetic versions of leather products do not necessitate the killing of animals but they use chemicals produced by the petro-chemical industry and are far from being environmentally friendly.


    Pony Hair Closeup

    How Do You Clean and Protect Pony Hair Products?

    Pony Hair is naturally water resistant but it does need looking after. Whereas full grain leather thrives on regular use and becomes more attractive the more battered it gets, Pony Hair can be damaged by rough usage and if you want it to last a lifetime, which it will, then you need to treat it with respect.

    Your Pony Hair item should be stored in a bag, protected from extremes of heat and cold and away from sunlight. If your Pony Hair becomes matted or dirty you should clean it with a damp cloth or a soft brush, always working in the direction of the grain, never brushing the fur back and forth. Regular gentle brushing will prevent a build-up of dirt and the consequent matting. You can even use a small quantity of hair conditioner to release stubborn matting. Another trick to avoid the build-up of dirt and oil is to place the item in a plastic bag with a cupful of cornmeal. If you then shake the bag vigorously the cornmeal will absorb the dirt and oil and clean your Pony Hair.

    You can use a commercially available fixing spray, designed for use on suede, to help protect your Pony Hair but be aware that the treatment may alter the appearance of the item. Hold the can six inches away from the material and spray very lightly. Do not saturate the Pony Hair because this will result in patches of matting. Never, ever wash a Pony Hair item because this will dry out the hide and cause cracking.

    *Remember to always test new products on a small inconspicuous area of the pony hair before applying all over. 


    The article on pony hair was a tremendous help. I really needed a confirmation absolutely where “Pony Hair” actually was produced. I have people thinking that it was actually from “ponies” on BB Simon Belts, Jewelry, Bags.

    Thank you,

    Alicia Collins

    Alicia A Collins May 18, 2020

    I have a pair of Zebra shoes from Prada which I want to dye all black. Let me know if I suffer for strong retardation or not.

    Richak April 01, 2019

    Hi I have a pair of prada pony hair boots in white and black pattern. Like a zebra. Can I dye them all black and how do I do it . Thanks and let me know .

    William nixon October 29, 2017

    Hi I have bought a pair pony hair prada boots on eBay . They are white with black stripes through them to look like a zebra . How can I dye them all black? Don’t want to rune them .

    Bill October 02, 2017

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