What is Sheep Leather Used For?

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    Sheep Leather Jackets

    During the 20th Century the leather jacket, in its various forms, became a cultural icon and it retains its popularity in the current century.  Sheep leather, with the fur left on, has been used to keep humans warm for centuries.  Sheepskin jackets, as we know them today, were developed during the nineteen twenties for use by early aviators.  They became standard equipment for bomber pilots during the Second World War and subsequently became known as ‘bomber jackets.  Heavy duty leather jackets are made from cow hide but sheep leather is softer and moulds to the body and is therefore used for lighter garments.  Sheep leather jackets with the fur on continue to be a popular outdoor garment for men and women but sheep leather is also used for a wide variety of fashion jackets in traditional and avant-garde styles.

    Sheep Leather Jacket Durability

    Despite its lightness, sheep leather is a very durable material, its natural elasticity means that it is tear resistant.  With careful maintenance, a garment made from sheep leather should last for decades and its texture and appearance will improve with age.

    Sheep Leather For Shoes

    Most shoes are made from cowhide because it is one of the thickest and strongest leathers.  Sheepskin suede is an extremely soft leather which is used in the production of luxury shoes.  Sheep leather with the fur left on is used for slippers and boots because it is extremely warm and comfortable.

    Sheep Leather For Wallets

    Sheep leather is a popular choice for good quality, luxury wallets because of the attractive appearance of its fine grain and its softness and suppleness.

    Sheep Leather Gloves

    Leather gloves of quality are frequently made using sheep leather because of its velvety softness and elasticity, which means that the gloves mould to the shape of the hand.

    Sheep Leather Coats

    Sheep leather with the wool on is a popular choice for winter coats for men and women.  Usually these coats are worn with the wool on the inside.  Sheepskin coats with wool are an extremely warm and durable garment.  Sheep leather coats are also made with the wool removed, like the black leather coats worn in the film ‘The Matrix’.  The lightness and softness of sheep leather make a coat made from it far more comfortable to wear than a similar garment made from cowhide.                             

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