Types of Leather Repairs and Alterations

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    Cleaning and Protection

    If you have a just a few small marks on the exterior of your leather item, you could take it for a cleaning and protection service. The aim of this is to keep the leather soft and protected against future wear and tear. Typically, this will include a fabric brightener and softener treatment and the application of a protective layer to prevent the build up of future stains and dirt. There are also a number of leather cleaners and protectors on the market should you wish to do it yourself. You can read more about leather care here.  A good quality leather bag will age with you and with proper care should last a life time, that's why all our bags come with a 1 year warranty.

    Minor and Moderate Stain Removal and Damage

    A professional service involves a deep clean and then a colour touch-up in the areas which have been marked or stained. Similarly to the cleaning and protection service, a protective layer is also applied to prevent future dirt from building up on the external surface of your bag.

    A Full Repair

    This more expensive service aims to return a tired looking leather item to how it looked when you first bought it, and is typically associated with leather bags. It involves a deep clean, full stain removal, exterior damage repairs and a full colour restoration. The bag is then stuffed in order to keep its shape.

    Other Leather Bag Repairs

    Many local companies offer practical repair services for leather bags such as handle repairs, new zips, addition of leather patches and the re-sewing of seams. Sometimes if the leather has worn around the zip area or on a different part of the bag then you can add a leather patch to the area to stop the blemishes from showing. Handles and zips on leather bags can be replaced very easily by re-stitching them on according to the requirements of your bag.

    Leather Alterations

    Leather garment repair

    Leather alterations are very intricate work as tailors are unable to use pins as they would usually to keep the garments in place as this would leave permanent pin marks on the item. This is why it’s always important to go with someone you trust for leather alterations. Alterations can include but are not limited to: putting in new zips, shortening the hem of a leather skirt and shortening the sleeves on a leather jacket. Many companies are also able to repair leather jackets and coats if they have a rip or tear in them by adding new leather panels. Motorcycle leathers are a specialist leather designed for safety and therefore require specialist care. Services offered for this include: seam re-stitching, new leather panels and new knee slider velcro panels.

    Leather Furniture Repair

    Leather Furniture Repair

    Many people think that when their leather furniture gets scratched, torn or stained then it is not repairable, but in most cases it can be completely restored. If your leather furniture is starting to look a bit tired and worn out then you can get it restored or reupholstered which will leave your furniture looking as vibrant and luxurious as when you first bought it. Many companies will be able to colour match to your furniture and will even be able to replace entirely damaged sections by inserting new panels. Some companies also offer services which will re-shape furniture arms and cushions so if this is a problem for you have a look online for a local company. Leather sofa cushions and arms can easily sag and get flat so you can get these filled to ensure your furniture is looking as good as new again.

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