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    With laptops averaging $500, and many exceeding that, it is essential to find the right bag for travelling with your laptop computers. Whether it’s for the daily commute, on a plane, train, bus or bike, finding the right laptop bag to keep your computer safe is essential for prolonging its lifespan. 

    Macbook computer

    A quick online browse quickly reveals an overwhelmingly large variety of bags out there – backpacks, messengers, satchels, totes, and holdalls – of various materials, sizes and functions. But which one is the best for you?

    This all depends on your personal situation and the intended purpose of the bag. Besides protecting and carrying your laptop, some important things worth considering might be:

    Would you need to carry extra stuff besides your laptop?
    Would your bag be likely to get wet?
    How long would you be carrying the bag for?
    How big is your laptop?

    The answers to the above questions will help narrow down your search to determine the size of the bag, and possible material choices. Comfort is also a big factor to consider if you will be carrying the bag for extended periods of time - look for extra shoulder support to maximise comfort.

    Personalized Leather Stockholm MacBook Sleeve


    It is important to find the right size bag for your laptop – whilst it’s obvious not to get something too small, you should get something not-too-big either. You want a snug fit for your laptop to minimize the impact should you have a trip, tumble or fall! If you plan on storing your laptop inside a sleeve, in your bag – please ensure you allow for the extra room of the sleeve. It would be wise to invest in a sleek, compact laptop sleeve that would offer good protection, but take up little room in a bag.

    Personalized Leather Oslo MacBook Sleeve

    Why Leather?

    Leather is renowned for its quality, strength and durability. Given the wide range of leather, ensure you find a high-quality type of leather, rather than just genuine’ leather. Many brands boast their manufacturing their products from ‘genuine’ leather, but are not actually ‘true’ organic leathers; instead this is often made with low quality split leather and leather fibres. This is much weaker than other types such as full-grain leather, which is the topmost layer of the hide. Full-grain leather is widely regarded as the highest quality of leather.

    Full-grain leather

    With full-grain leather, the surface grain will continue developing its markings, colours and blemishes over time and use to provide a truly unique material. With the right care and reasonable use, full-grain leather can withstand years – decades – of use.

    Messengers & Satchels

    Messenger and satchel bags are ideal for transporting your laptops safely and with minimal hassle. When you need your computer - just whip off the flap and slide your laptop out. Once you’re finished - laptop in, sling messenger over shoulder and off you go! 

    The Harvard Satchel in Vintage Brown

    Satchels are similar to messengers and it is difficult to distinguish between the two. Some argue that messengers are simply a type of satchel, but with a purpose.

    Oxford Zip-Up Satchel in Vintage Brown

    Messenger bags are popular with busy travellers, especially those on bikes, since the bag can be worn on the lower back and pulled around to the front when required – more convenient than backpacks! They were after all, commonly used by couriers, postal workers and messengers.


    Holdalls are ideal for those who have a lot of extra stuff to store alongside their laptop. With ample space for your belongings, and room for your laptop - it is the go-to bag for overnight stays or short trips. They may be considered excessive for the average daily commute to work, but would be suitable for those go to the gym before/after work, and need a spare change of clothes and towel.

    Personalized Classic Duffle in Vintage Brown

    Personalized Columbus Holdall in Vintage Mahogany

    Depending on how many extra belongings and their type, you might want to consider a bag with an under-compartment to separate your belongings, i.e. shoes/trainers or gym clothes from work essentials.


     Raleigh Holdall with Under-Compartment in Vintage Brown with Vintage Mahogany Detailing




    Backpacks are traditionally the go-to bag for travellers. They are functional and practical, often with sizes and compartments specifically designed to hold laptops. For those of you that will be carrying your bag for extended periods of time – backpacks are the obvious choice to go for due to their comfort and practicality. When compared to shoulder bags, such as messengers, satchels, totes etc., backpacks are significantly better for the back and abdominal muscles, since the weight of the bag is evenly distributed across both shoulders. It is still important to not over-pack your rucksack and ensure the straps are adjusted to a comfortable position to further reduce your risk of back pain.

    Our Classic Backpack comfortably fits a 13 inch laptop plus folders, books and whatever else you need with a generous 17 Liter capacity.

    Our Classic Backpack in Vintage Cognac Leather

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