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    When preparing for university, don’t forget the importance of a good quality backpack. Although it may not be at the forefront of your mind when getting ready to begin this exciting next stage in your life, it’s vital that you choose a bag that will allow you to carry your books, laptop and all other academic essentials conveniently and comfortably. MAHI has designed and manufactured a range of leather backpacks for students. Not only are they strong and durable, but they’re comfortable to carry and look great too. What more could you want from leather rucksacks for college?


    Vintage Cognac Backpack by MAHI Leather

    Strong and Durable

    If you want your college bag to last you more than a few months, you need to invest in a product that’s been made to a high standard from premium materials. MAHI backpacks have been made using full grain cowhide. This means that they’re strong and durable, and able to withstand plenty of wear and tear. In fact, rather than deteriorating as time goes by as other materials tend to do, full grain leather becomes even more beautiful. It will develop an attractive patina, giving the backpack a unique character and a distinctive look that can’t be easily duplicated. The robust qualities of the leather used in MAHI backpacks, along with the sturdy brass fittings and YKK zippers, meaning that your valuable possessions, such as laptop and tablet, are unlikely to come to any harm whilst you’re on the move.

    Comfort is Key

    Much of your life at university will be spent lugging around heavy books and your laptop, and so it makes sense to choose a bag that’s as comfortable as possible to carry. There are lots of types of bags for laptops available to you, but backpacks are by far the best choice. Thanks to their adjustable straps, they allow the weight to be evenly distributed across the shoulders, making it easier to carry and resulting in fewer aches and pains. Carrying too much in the wrong way can put a lot of strain on your back, shoulders and neck, but a leather backpack can help you to avoid this.


    The Explorer Backpack in Black & Brown

    An Affordable Option

    You might assume that premium leather rucksacks for college are expensive, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, at MAHI, we pride ourselves on our highly competitive prices. Our backpacks, which are made from the best leather that money can buy, represent excellent value for money. What’s more, because they’re so robust and sturdy, they will last many, many years before needing to be replaced – long after you have graduated from university. For a backpack that’s as spacious as it affordable, look no further than our Classic backpack in vintage cognac suede. It’s perfect for day-to-day use and can easily accommodate a 13" laptop and an A4 pad. The Roma backpack is also a good choice for university, with plenty of space for all your essentials, including a 13" MacBook Air. If you need space for a larger laptop, The Yale backpack can hold a 15" laptop and does with no compromise on style.


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