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    Finding the right backpack for school or college can be a frustrating task. Leather? Canvas? Nylon? How many pockets? Will it fit my laptop? Books? Stationery holder? You want a backpack that not everyone is wearing, but strikes the perfect balance between stylish, practical and comfortable – after all, you’ll be wearing it at least 5 days a week!

    Backpacks come in all sizes, colours and fabrics, and many can be personalized/monogrammed - often making the choice all that more overwhelming. You want to choose something durable with enough space and compartments to organize all your school or college essentials.

    Leather makes the perfect alternative to the everyday polyester/nylon book bags that most of us had as a kid. Leather is renowned for its quality and durability, as well as its timeless style. Being a strong and durable material provides better protection for your school/college essentials – especially for those that carry a laptop to college.

    Using non-chemically treated full-grain leather, as used by MAHI Leather, means that every hide is unique – each telling its own story via its individual markings, characteristics and blemishes. For extra uniqueness - since leather is a natural, organic material, its colour and characteristics will continue developing with time and use - truly making each bag beautifully unique.


    Close-Up of Full-Grain Leather - Unique and Beautiful Markings

    When compared to shoulder bags, such as totes or across-the-body bags (i.e. messengers, satchels, holdalls, duffels), backpacks are better for the back and abdominal muscles, since the weight of the bag is evenly distributed across both shoulders. It is still important to not over-pack your rucksack and ensure the straps are adjusted to a comfortable position to further reduce your risk of back pain.

    Some important considerations to make when choosing the right backpack:

    Storing Your College Books

    Since you will most likely be using your backpack to store your school/college books, ensuring there is enough space is a vital factor in choosing the right backpack. MAHI Classic Backpacks have ample storage for college books given its 17L capacity, but still compact enough so that it isn’t bulky and uncomfortable for your back. We also recently launched a range of large capacity backpacks with room for a 15inch laptop, including the NEW Classic 3.0 and City Backpack that both feature a padded laptop area. 

    MAHI Laptop Backpacks

    Our Classic Backpack 3.0 in Vintage Brown and City Backpack in Ebony Black.

    Storing Your Laptop

    Many students carry their laptops to college, and having room in your backpack to store it is essential. Not only do you need the space, but you also need to ensure the backpack provides excellent protection for it. Given leather’s strength, quality and durability, you can be sure to depend on its ability to protect your laptop.


    For those that are mega-paranoid about their laptops (like myself), you might consider getting a sleek laptop sleeve for your laptop. Since our Stockholm and Oslo MacBook sleeves are made to order, they will be made to snugly fit your specific device, and would also comfortably fit inside our Classic Backpack.

    Our Stockholm Laptop Sleeve in Vintage Brown and Oslo Laptop Sleeve in Ebony Black.

    Storing Your Stationary

    Having additional compartments to organise and store your stationary is an additional consideration to make. Remember the last time you had to fumble around your bag for what seemed like eternity, to find that pen? Or that time you awkwardly held up the queue desperately trying to find that train/bus ticket?


    MAHI Classic Backpacks have a convenient pocket located right by the top opening, separate from your other belongings, just for those moments. Other features also include an internal zip pocket, an external pocket, and extendable back straps.

    Other Leather Backpacks Ideal for School/College

    For students looking for something a little different to the classical design, MAHI Leather also offer other stylish, yet timeless alternatives:


    At MAHI Leather, every bag is made to order and can be personalized with your initials for that extra personal touch. We can also make larger variations of our backpacks if you are looking for something a bit bigger - contact us for more information.

    Given leather’s natural qualities – durability and stylishness – it is easily one of the best materials used for backpacks; offering protection for your essentials, as well as looking unique and timeless, that will be sure to stand the test of time.

    Check out all the features of our Classic Backpack:


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