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    History of the Apron

    In the ancient world, the apron was a form of ceremonial dress. Depictions of ceremonial aprons can be found right across the ancient world from China, Assyria and Egypt to Central America. The oldest representation of an apron can be found on the Minoan fertility goddesses, excavated on Crete and dating from around 1600 BCE. The tradition of the apron as a ceremonial garment is carried on by the freemasons to this day but for most of its history the apron has served as a functional garment intended to keep your clothing clean. The leather apron was ubiquitous in the Middle Ages and tradesmen were known as ‘apron men’. When Marullus meets a villainous looking character, who claims to be a carpenter, in the opening scene of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’, his response is: ‘Where is thy leather apron…?’ In an age before machines, when work was invariably dirty and often dangerous, a leather apron was an essential form of protection.

    Leather Apron Design

    There are some designs that simply cannot be improved upon and the full leather apron, with a loop at the neck and a tie at the waist is one of them. The leather apron is as useful as it ever was and once you have bought one, you’ll never need to buy another, unless that is you decide to give them to all your friends. You’ll see plenty of leather aprons being worn by women and men in trendy bars and restaurants, not just because they look great but because they are supremely practical. Leather aprons do not wear out, they can cope with whatever you throw at them and they just get better with age.


    People are starting to question our reliance on throwaway fashion, well, a leather apron is a possession you will grow to love, stylish, comfortable and the definition of practical. You can wear one in the kitchen or at the barbecue, if you are a hobbyist, say a beer brewer or a cheese maker it’s the perfect practical garment. Putting on an apron is so quick and easy, it’s not like having to change into special work clothing that you don’t mind getting ruined. There is also something that happens to your mindset when you put on a leather apron. I know, you think I’m being fanciful, but try it and you’ll see, the simple act of tying on a leather apron helps you to focus on your task.

    There is a joy to be had from owning objects of quality and a leather apron is something you will always have and always use. They also make great gifts for mums and dads, sisters, brothers and friends, anyone who enjoys doing anything practical. In fact, owning a leather apron is enough to make you take up a hobby just for the pleasure of wearing it. The recipient of your gift may never have expressed any desire to own one, but once they’ve got one, they’ll wonder how they ever managed without it.  

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